CNPRC core services offer consultation in experimental design, sample collection, and assay services on a recharge basis. Nonhuman primate-specific reagents, viral stocks, and biological specimens may also be requested. These Core facilities provide expertise and resources to the greater research community, and enhance the ability of scientists throughout the nation to conduct studies with nonhuman primates.

The Flow Cytometry Core supplies instrumentation, experimental protocols, technical support, maintenance, and administration for experiments involving flow cytometry.

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The Inhalation Exposure Core has the capability for exposure of a wide variety of biological entities from cells to populations of organisms to a great range of compounds that can be delivered by inhalation. Expertise is available for exposures to oxidant gases, reactive gases, aerosols, mixed gas and aerosols, allergens, microbes, and various drug-containing entities. In addition, a pulmonary function unit has been established under the direction of a Core Scientist to assess respiratory physiology in animals undergoing exposure.

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The Multimodal Imaging Core provides services to investigators locally, regionally, and nationally, encompassing scales that range from cellular to whole-animal imaging. The goal and overall mission of the Core is to support the research of investigators and trainees in qualitative and quantitative imaging applications, and to assist with study design, data interpretation, extramural grant submissions, and to conduct preclinical and investigational new drug (IND)-enabling studies with nonhuman primates.

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The Primate Assay Laboratory Core encompasses the laboratories formerly known as the Endocrinology Core and Pathogen Detection Laboratory Core. Visit the Primate Assay Laboratory Core.