Primate Assay Laboratory Core

The Primate Assay Laboratory Core was formerly known as the  Pathogen Detection Laboratory Core.

For Endocrinology Services please contact Dr Bill Lasley and Nancy Gee via email at or by phone at 530.752.2096.

The Primate Assay Laboratory offers antibody, antigen, virus, DNA, RNA and other diagnostic marker detection for a number of infectious agents. All methods and reagents are validated, standardized, and controlled by in-laboratory studies and proficiency testing using reference banks of characterized specimens. Quantitation is available by arrangement. Test results are reviewed by clinical laboratory personnel who are fully accredited by the American Society for Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Field Services of the State of California. Custom testing including immunological and virological assays, training, and consultation are available; please inquire. In addition, SIV virus stocks, reagents and controls are available through Resource Services. PAL is a resource for Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) colonies, field or epidemiological studies, research protocols, and atypical case resolution.

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