The CNPRC is a national resource to furthering scientific discovery, using biomedical research to find exciting new breakthroughs in health and science, solving problems, and helping to improve the quality of people and animals’ lives. On this page you will find information to assist you in understanding the value of CNPRC scientific achievements and activities, and the progress and translational benefits in CNPRC biomedical research.

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Fox 40 Interview

Drs. Koen Van Rompay and John Morrison talk with Fox40 reporter Lonnie Wong about their Zika virus project at CNPRC. Feb. 16, 2016

Dr. Peter Barry, CNPRC Infectious Diseases Unit, is finding solutions to critical health problems, focusing on CMV, the “birth defect virus”. May 17, 2015

Zika Virus Project: BBC Radio 5 Live Interview with Dr. Koen Van Rompay 

The Science of Monogamy. Karen Bales, Core Scientist at the CNPRC, spoke to Beth Ruyak on Capital Public Radio about monogamy and pair bonding in humans and animals. She also discussed her ongoing research with titi monkeys into the longterm effects of oxytocin. Hear the full interview here.

Asthma in the Valley

The Health Effects of Loneliness. Dr. John Capitanio has recently published an article on the physiological effects of loneliness, showing that it has a measurable impact on the immune system. Here, he discussed how the study was conducted with humans and monkeys, and the significance of the research in understanding and improving human health.

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