John P. Capitanio, Ph.D.

Neuroscience and Behavior Unit
Core Scientist

Research Psychologist
Department of Psychology
University of California, Davis

Dr. Capitanio’s research program is focused on the causes, correlates, and consequences of individual differences in biobehavioral organization, a term that encompasses temperament, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal regulation, and emotionality. His research asks “what are the enduring characteristics of individuals that shape their responses (either behavioral or physiological) to the situations they encounter, and how do they affect health?”

Dr. Capitanio initiated the BioBehavioral Assessment Program in 2001, and the program has now accumulated data on more than 5000 animals. It is currently led by Dr. Erin Kinnallly.

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Juvenile rhesus macaque in outdoor housing at CNPRC.

Stress, Temperament, and Disease

Investigating the relationship between stress and health outcomes, Dr. Capitanio's research has led to a discovery of how stress and temperament interact to affect an individual's health.