The FCC supplies flow cytometry instrumentation, experimental protocols, technical support, maintenance, and administration for optical biology instruments that are very intensively used in a variety of research endeavors.  Much of the immunology, cell biology, and infectious disease work carried out at the CNPRC would be impossible without services provided by the FCC, including established work on SIV pathogenesis, development of novel vaccines, analysis of the interplay of the microbiome and immune system development, and new research on Zika virus.

The FCC’s focus on nonhuman primate assays and experience developing new assays for novel immunophenotypes are unique strengths.  In addition, we have substantial experience in pediatric models of normal development, maternal and fetal inflammation, and infectious disease.

Services include:
FACS Calibur hourly rate
FACS Calibur (with operator) hourly rate
BD Fortessa hourly rate
BD Fortessa (with operator) hourly rate
BD Aria hourly rate
BD Aria (with operator) hourly rate
Hourly labor – key operator
Baseline data on healthy macaque lymphocyte populations
Consultation on experimental design and antibody choice
Education in cytometry techniques and analytic approaches