About Anatomic Pathology 

Anatomic Pathology Services supports the health, characterization, and use of the non-human primate model to improve human health and advance science. We provide pathology expertise for state-of-the-art translational research that contributes to the understanding and treatment of human diseases, and perform diagnostic investigations and disease surveillance to ensure the highest level of health for our colony and to maintain the production of healthy animals for biomedical research.

Our pathologists are experts in in the clinical, gross, and microscopic diagnostic pathology techniques of non-human primates and have extensive experience collaborating with scientists performing multidisciplinary research in human health and disease.  We also maintain and administer valuable biospecimen resources used by an extensive university-wide, regional, and national network of investigators.

For more information please contact: cnprc-list-pathology@ucdavis.edu

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Experience and Expertise

Our pathology team consists of 3 board-certified pathologists with areas of special interest in geropathology, placenta pathology, neuropathology, and cardiopulmonary pathology.Our pathologists are supported by a team of 5 staff research associates and a project scientist, contributing over 60 years of combined experience.

Anatomic Pathology Services Provided

Consultation with a comparative pathologist at the beginning (or even the middle!) of a project can prevent issues related to animal selection, gross dissection, fixation, and tissue preservation. Schedule a confidential consultation about your research by contacting us here.

  • Primate medicine veterinarians utilize our biopsy service to optimize treatment plans for individual animals to support the overall health of the colony.
  • Biopsy is also an excellent resource for core scientists. We can guide decisions regarding optimal size, orientation, and fixation of your biopsy samples. Please contact us for details.

This program distributes tissue samples as well as other biological samples upon request. Samples can be collected and prepared according to the investigator’s needs. Additionally, we have an extensive archive of formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues that can also be requested. Please contact us for more information regarding this program.

  • Pathologists characterize spontaneous and infectious diseases in nonhuman primates to enhance colony health and contribute to veterinary medical knowledge.
  • Pathologists perform experimental necropsies and provide expertise in collection/processing techniques and desired endpoint parameters. Protocols can be developed in collaboration with the pathology team and core scientists.
  • In addition to on-site consultations, the CNPRC pathology team also provides consultations specific to diagnostic and experimental histopathology on animals necropsied off-site. Please contact us for details regarding proper sample collection, fixation, shipping, and costs. 
  • Pathology personnel provides teaching and training across many different sectors, but most notable is the highly sought-after laboratory animal anatomic pathology residency and fellowship training programs in conjunction with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and Comparative Pathology Laboratory.
    • More information regarding the residency can be found here.
    • More information regarding the fellowship can be found here.