Abhijit J. Chaudhari, PhD
Reproductive Sciences and Regenerative Medicine Unit
Core Scientist
Multimodal Imaging Core Co-Lead


Department of Radiology, School of Medicine

Director, UC Davis Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging 

Dr. Chaudhari’s academic background is in preclinical and clinical imaging, quantitative imaging science, and medical image processing. He has designed imaging systems and optimized in vivo imaging protocols across species with a particular emphasis on humans and nonhuman primates, and he has developed mathematical methods and computational/machine learning techniques for image processing. He has publications on designing of detectors for PET/CT and PET/MR systems, calibration of PET systems for obtaining quantitative images, clinical nuclear medicine imaging using novel scanner design, PET/CT and MRI in the context of monitoring inflammation in clinical and preclinical settings, and real-time MRI protocols and image processing in the context of the rodent, nonhuman primate, and human brain and other tissues. The focus of Dr. Chaudhari’s research is on the development of imaging techniques to assess disorders of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems. This development is enabled through fundamentally advancing medical imaging instrumentation, acquisition, and image and data processing. Dr. Chaudhari is the Director of the UC Davis Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging (CMGI), which is a campus-designated core facility providing expertise and resources for preclinical small animal in vivo imaging and radiochemistry. He also serves as the Director of the In vivo Translational Imaging Shared Resource of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. In these roles, he has advised hundreds of investigators on rigorous imaging study design and quantitative image analysis.