The California National Primate Research Center supports nonhuman primate research for academic, non-profit and corporate investigators nationwide.  Through core laboratory services, study design, model development, and much more, CNPRC can improve the quality and effectiveness of your study – helping you make breakthroughs in biomedical research.  The following are opportunities to apply our unrivaled expertise and resources to the specific needs of your study.

Study Design and New Model Development

With extensive capabilities and assets, CNPRC scientists have the skill and resources to design and direct GLP studies that lead to breakthroughs in biomedical research.

Our core and affiliate scientists from across the UC Davis campus, including the School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, and College of Engineering, work with our animal models to uncover new insights into human health and cost-effective validation of treatments for the diseases and disorders that negatively impact our lives.

Consistently working on developing new models and collaborating with researchers from UC Davis’ top ranked programs, the scientists at CNPRC are equipped and poised to take your study to the next level.

Dr. Danielle Beckman

Core Laboratory Services

Research Services

Each study facilitated by the CNPRC is assigned a Staff Research Associate (SRA), a member of our exemplary research services team, to ensure all aspects of the study run smoothly.  This includes, but is not limited to, providing assistance with the following:

  • Project consultation and budgeting
  • Animal selection and screening
  • IACUC protocol
  • Project management

The communication process is streamlined to keep the focus on discoveries, not administrative details.

Dr Glen Yiu

Other Services

Initiating Research

Increase the impact of your research through CNPRC’s specialized resources and extensive expertise.  Explore the services we offer, discover how they may impact the effectiveness of your research, and contact us to get started.

Animal Models

Humans and nonhuman primates have a high degree of biological similarity, providing researchers with incomparable opportunities to study human diseases and disorders.  Explore the animal models living within our colony and learn the benefits of including them in your studies.

Data Integrity

The integrity of our nonhuman primate studies is enhanced by a biobehavioral and physiological characterization that is performed on all animals in our colony at four months of age.  Explore how this highly standardized series of assessments provides for exceptional depth of knowledge and data.

Associated Labs and Centers

From microbe analysis to gene transfer, CNPRC has unique labs and facility associations that can be utilized in your research.  Explore the work done at these highly specialized facilities and consider the impact they could have on your research.

Contact us today to explore a research partnership!