Accelerating the Race to Stop COVID-19

The California National Primate Research Center’s Role in the Fight Against COVID-19

Halting COVID-19 is the world’s most urgent priority right now.  The California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) plays a pivotal role in these efforts—from partnering with UC Davis Health and the UC Davis Center for Immunology and Infectious Disease (CIID) to develop a successful diagnostic test that has significantly boosted California’s testing capacity, to working with the CIID on potentially game-changing therapeutic testing and vaccine development research underway.

Given the many close parallels between human and non-human primate (NHP) physiology, including similar respiratory systems and immune-aging patterns, NHP research is a critical translational model for understanding how COVID-19 develops and spreads—and one of our best hopes for the timely development of therapeutics, vaccines and potential cures. The CNPRC has the nation’s best-characterized population of older primates—a vital advantage in better understanding how age affects the course of COVID-19 and in predicting how the virus may impact vulnerable older adults with long-term conditions like hypertension and Type-2 diabetes.

The CNPRC, collaborating with world-leading scientists and clinicians across UC Davis and around the globe, has the potential to transform how we understand, treat and prevent COVID-19 and future coronavirus outbreaks.  Work at the CNPRC is key to rapid progress in fighting COVID-19—and it will be equally critical in mounting effective responses to new viral pandemics that will inevitably emerge in the future.

CNPRC Core Scientist Koen van Rompay shares the process of developing vaccines and therapeutic treatments for infectious diseases like COVID-19.

CNPRC Core Scientist Dennis Hartigan O’Connor answers questions about vaccine development and discusses the role of non-human primates.

Donate to COVID-19 Science

Philanthropic support is necessary to conduct research at the pace needed to achieve significant progress in the fight against COVID-19.  At a time when every minute counts, private support will enable UC Davis to quickly ramp up progress in therapeutic testing and vaccine development.

Request Funding for COVID-19 Science

The UC Davis Office of Research actively maintains a list of funding opportunities related to COVID-19 focused research.  The list of opportunities is updated regularly and support is available for those wishing to pursue available funding.

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