Genetic Management Services

The primary mission of the Genetics Management Services is to provide genetics-related support and resources for colony management and banking of DNA and other samples for investigators. The lab also provides services on a recharge basis to all investigators internal and external to the CNPRC who are interested in incorporating genetic/genomic techniques into their research programs.

Genetic management to preserve maximum variability among colony animals is achieved by integrating several fundamental population genetic approaches. This not only ensures each animal’s value in terms of maintaining biomedical potential but also guarantees the entire population’s survivability and productivities by increasing heterozygosity (and correspondingly reducing the probability of homozygosity for deleterious alleles). Additional goals include a genetic management plan for the titi monkey colony.
• Genetic management includes country of origin testing, parentage testing and other phylogenetic and population genetic analyses
• Analysis of genealogical and demographic data including kinship assessment, pedigree validation, and the management of selective breeding and development of informative pedigrees
• Bioinformatic analysis including whole genome and target region linkage and association analyses and candidate gene evaluation
• Custom DNA extraction and purification, whole genome amplification, SNP, STR and mtDNA assays
• Development of genotyping assays based on conventional fragment size analysis (including STRs and RFLPs), Sanger sequencing, CNV, SNP and real-time qPCR techniques
• Single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)-based typing and analysis and ABO phenotyping currently represents major areas of service.
• The objective is to continue to genotype nonhuman primates at the CNPRC using SNPs to provide parentage assessment, ancestry/admixture testing, and genetic management services on a fee-for-service basis.
• The service has identified 5,000-6,000 high quality SNPs in macaques and developed panels of 96 genetic management SNPs and 96 ancestry informative SNP markers for rhesus and long-tailed macaques.
The Genetics Management Services also manage the CNPRC DNA Bank and participates in the National Primate Research Centers (NPRCs) Consortium.
• The DNA bank provides archived and banked samples and functions as a clearinghouse for the CNPRC.
• DNA and other biological samples from this bank are made available to investigators at a variety of research institutions once a proposal is reviewed and approved by the CNPRC Research Advisory Committee.
• The CNPRC’s DNA bank is part of the National Nonhuman Primate DNA Bank network in the NPRC Consortium that has a goal of standardizing resources across the NPRCs.
• Efforts to create an automated sample tracking system are underway in conjunction with the CNPRC Information Technology staff to ensure optimal organization and to improve access.

Selected Publications from Genetics Management Services activities

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