The CNPRC has extensive services with experienced staff to help you conduct your research.

Pathology has extensive expertise in clinical, gross, and microscopic diagnostic pathology to support multidisciplinary research in human health and disease.

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The Clinical Laboratory is a full-service in-house laboratory that provides diagnostic support for both clinical and research requests. It mimics the day to day operation of a human clinical laboratory including the quality control and compliant regulations followed by human laboratories.

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The primary mission of the Genetics Management Services is to provide genetics-related support and resources for colony management and banking of DNA and other samples for investigators.

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Primate Medicine provides clinical veterinary care to a colony of about 5,000 nonhuman primates, veterinary research support to investigators, and is committed to teaching and training.

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WhatIf is a mathematical modeling program available for download, which predicts population structure in breeding colonies of nonhuman primates.

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