The Behavior Research Service Core (BRSC) at CNPRC is a resource unique among the National Primate Research Centers. The BRSC is a mechanism for experienced behavioral scientists at CNPRC to contribute on a recharge basis to investigators at CNPRC and other institutions on a local to national level who conduct nonhuman primate research.

Why Choose BRS

We offer:

  • Standardized behavioral assessments using protocols and equipment at CNPRC
  • Cooperative training and behavior of monkeys to facilitate research procedures using positive reinforcement techniques
  • Biobehavioral assessment of animals across the lifespan, based upon procedures developed as part of the infant BioBehavioral Assessment (BBA) program, and comparison of investigator data with data from CNPRC’s historical BBA database
  • Off-site training and consultation services are available for studies conducted at other locations

Our History


Mari Golub has conducted NIH sponsored research at CNPRC for over 30 years. Her research program assesses the effects of drugs, toxicants and nutrition on brain development and uses structured, standardized behavioral assessments that directly parallel psychological and behavioral tests used in infants and children.

<strong>Mari Golub</strong>
Mari GolubDirector
They were very helpful in assessing my needs and getting the job done.
John Doe, GBSF
They were great to work with!
Jane Doe, UCSF