Sree Kanthaswamy, Ph.D.

Genetics Management Services Director
Genetics Affiliate Scientist

Adjunct Professor,
UCD College of Biological Sciences

Dr. Kanthaswamy has investigated the population composition and structure of the CNPRC colony including its captive conventional, SPF and super SPF rhesus macaque populations for over a decade. He has also extensively studied the genetic structure of wild rhesus and cynomolgus macaques, and is an active participant in ongoing research to identify informative SNP markers across the rhesus and cynomolgus genomes for mapping and association studies and population genetics.

Dr. Kanthaswamy has a strong publication record on nonhuman primate genetics. NIH has supported him since 1994 to perform genetic management and related research, and his research has resulted in several CNPRC base grants and supplemental funds to enhance work on colony management.

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The Power of Pedigrees

Many chronic human conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and asthma are associated with family lineages. Susceptibility to disease is often a product of one's environment in combination with genetic background. Understanding the genetic make-up of the nonhuman primate provides scientists with the ability to trace the origins of a disease phenotype observed in both wild and captive animals housed in well-defined environments.