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Simon R. Cherry, Ph.D.

Reproductive Sciences and Regenerative Medicine Unit
Core Scientist

Distinguished Professor
Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Radiology
University of California, Davis

Dr. Cherry’s research interests center around biomedical imaging and in particular the development and application of in vivo molecular imaging systems with a focus on positron emission tomography (PET). His major accomplishments have been in developing and applying very high resolution systems for preclinical PET, first practical demonstrations of simultaneous PET and magnetic resonance imaging, and the development and applications of Cerenkov luminescence in biomedical research. He is currently co-leading a large national project to develop the world’s first total-body PET scanner for human research and clinical use. Dr. Cherry is a faculty member in the Multimodal Imaging Core.

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Juvenile rhesus macaque in outdoor housing at CNPRC.



Cherry SR, Badawi RD and Qi JY (editors).  Essentials of in vivo biomedical imaging.  Taylor and Francis, Boca Raton, FL, 2015.