Open date: July 15th, 2020

Last review date: November 30th, 2020

Applications received after this date will be reviewed by the search committee if the position has not yet been filled.

Final date: November 30th, 2020

Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.


The Assistant Project Scientist makes significant and creative contributions to a research or creative project in his/her academic discipline. The primary research project will examine the dynamic interplay of social networks and health including the coordination of the social systems and development project. The appointee possesses the subject matter expertise and the creative energy necessary to function at a high level of competence. The appointee will participate in activities to increase, improve, or upgrade competency. Appointees with Project (e.g., Scientist) titles may engage in University and public service. They do not have teaching responsibilities. Although the Assistant Project Scientist is expected to work independently under the general guidance of an academic member with an independent research program (i.e., Professor, Professional Researcher, Specialist in Cooperative Extension, etc), he/she is not required to develop an independent research program or reputation. He/she will carry out research or creative programs with supervision by Brenda McCowan, Ph.D., Core Scientist in the Neuroscience & Behavior Unit at the California National Primate Research Center and Professor in Population Health & Reproduction in the School of Veterinary Medicine. The Assistant Project Scientist does not usually serve as a Principal Investigator but may do so by exception.