Throughout its 53-year history the CNPRC has been a leader in quality animal care and is continually making advancements in the care and well-being of captive primates. Its outstanding animal care program has been recognized by OLAW and AAALAC, both organizations with high standards for animal facilities. The CNPRC was inspected by both these organizations in 2013.

The USDA conducts regular rigorous inspections of the primate center.  These inspections serve to monitor compliance with all rules and regulations relating to animal care, and to create an environment where animal care technicians provide the best care possible.

There have been violations at CNPRC in the past, as there have been at every other national primate center. At CNPRC, these violations have involved small numbers of animals and have rarely led to fines.

The university is committed to the highest ethical and medical standards for the care of its animals. Any violations, as rare as they may be, are addressed immediately and comprehensively and are promptly reported to regulatory oversight entities as required. New procedures are developed to minimize the chance of recurrence.

The UC Davis Animal Care Program is constantly working to eliminate the potential for violations and maximize the well-being of all animals at UC Davis. The CNPRC also conducts research that aims to improve the quality of life for the animals under its care.